Luxury Lifestyle Brand Integrated a 24/7 Interactive Online Customer Service to Its Portal

Luxury Lifestyle Brand Integrated a 24/7 Interactive Online Customer Service to Its Portal


As a luxury lifestyle management brand, clients’ satisfaction matters to Club Swan more than anything else. To maintain efficient client relations and offer optimum customer service, the brand wanted to introduce a 24/7 online customer service portal, namely ‘Concierge,’ that promptly responds to any service-related queries.

Club Swan contacted Spring Rain to develop the feature ‘Concierge’ to take their customer service to the next level. They preferred a live interactive platform to offer a prompt response to clients’ queries, earn their satisfaction and reach business goals.



Spring Rain deployed a team of Developers and QA professionals to develop Concierge. The team proposed three key deliverables to enable Club Swan to meet its business goals. The deliverables are:

AI-driven personalized solution

Everyone desires prompt customer service that solves their unique problem. The Spring Rain team dedicated themselves to delivering an AI-powered online customer service solution to enable Club Swan to respond to queries more efficiently and offer solutions tailored to their needs.

Simplified and easy-to-use user interface

A minimalist UI does offer convenience and win smiles. The team collaborated with UI designers to build an easy-to-use user interface to make it popular.

An intuitive and interactive experience for users

Since Concierge is all about answering clients’ queries, the team planned for a smooth and interactive service portal to offer exclusive one-to-one service and endow Club Swan with a competitive edge that keeps them ahead of the game.

Service desk integration

The concierge platform was required to be integrated with the service desk of Club Swan. The team was assigned for successful integration to ensure a swift and efficient service that creates a win-win situation for all parties.



Spring Rain team delivered within the deadline. The team’s effort brought the desired results for Club Swan as they retained more happy clients, and their clientele grew exponentially after launching the customer service portal. The Concierge also helped them achieve an increased number of long-term subscriptions. On top of it, Club Swan managed to cut costs by being able to triaging customers over different channels simultaneously.

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