Spring Rain Is Stepping Into the Big League of VR Game Development!

Spring Rain Is Stepping Into the Big League of VR Game Development!


Spring Rain has invested in end-to-end software and app development solutions for over a decade. When it was time to expand their horizon, they sought to explore Virtual Reality for its innovative and transformative technology to change people’s lives and the prospects it holds. Based on research into the ever-evolving field of VR gaming and a growing global market projected at a whopping $2.68 bn by 2027, Spring Rain decided to immerse itself into developing appealing, satisfying, and popular virtual reality games.


To realize the vision of developing crowd-applauded VR games was far from the bed of roses. There are thorns spread all over the pathway. Major barriers to developing VR games included:

Game design from scratch: From target audience to features to virtual environment design, developing a VR game from scratch is challenging. It’s all about layers of planning, developing in pieces, and bringing them all together.

Monetization: Since it’s a new technology, monetization planning is a risky business since the success of a game largely depends on an effective revenue model.

Hardware resource scarcity: Many hardware related to VR technology is not readily available. Developing a game is a daunting job with that sort of resource constraint.

beer ball intro


Spring Rain adopted a solution-to-problem and team-building approach to overcome all the challenges. They build a team of skilled, motivated, and ambitious developers and QA professionals to create a VR game. Despite the resource constraints and no prior experience in VR game development, the team showed incredible commitment and dedication to making the game a success.


Spring Rain team’s months of efforts resulted in Beer Ball, an immersive and real-time VR ball throwing game. It’s a fun, addictive, and entertaining game suitable for all ages.

In the game, the player enters into a spectacular and immersive virtual reality to experience a ball-throwing game from the comfort of their home. The player requires precision, speed, and creativity to succeed in this game. The game is playable in two modes: Easy and Pro mode. There is also enticing audio for different scenarios/environments to keep players interested. The team has also designed a monetization plan for the game to turn up a commercial success.

So warm up, dive into this fun, challenging, and exciting VR game that is worth your leisure time!


  • From planning to demonstration, “Beer Ball”, A VR game developed from scratch.
  • A monetization plan is underway to turn the game into a success.
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