Spring Rain’s Café Management Solution Resulted in an Integrated Restaurant Management System

Spring Rain’s Café Management Solution Resulted in an Integrated Restaurant Management System


Initially, Spring Rain attempted to create a management solution for a Café, namely ‘Tong’. The idea was to build a solution that automates the management system to reduce costs, introduce more lenient management, and offer optimum service essential for a café to turn highly profitable. First, they put up the inventory, then the recipe management, building brick-by-brick, the effort turned into a complete restaurant management system that can help achieve any restaurant higher revenue and better return on investment!


There were two key challenges in building a management solution for a fast-paced industry:

The ever-changing restaurant industry

Restaurants or café businesses are changing all the time. The kitchen automation, staff management, and every business component operate thick and fast. Developing management solutions for a fast-paced industry that changes rapidly is no less than challenging.

Customers need changes rapidly

Along with the restaurant, its customers’ tastes and preferences are relentlessly changing too. A highly customizable management solution is what’s in the card to go toe to toe with the changing need. Besides, the system should be easy to use and customizable.



Spring Rain’s passionate team left no stone unturned to combine business expertise and technical ‘know-how’ to build an all-inclusive restaurant management solution. The key features of the solution are:

Inventory management system

The inventory management system seamlessly tracks all inventory events from purchase to storage to consumption of goods, including unit price. You can check stocks, predict and plan for purchases and receive warnings of shortages if there are any.

Recipe management system

To ensure quality serving each time and handling an array of recipes and recipe customization accurately, the team built a flexible recipe management system that meets the ever-changing demands of the restaurant industry.

Order dispatch platform

The order display platform helps place, track and display order details via a POS integrated kitchen display system (KDS) to make order management and delivery a piece of cake! This system helps streamline kitchen communication, minimize human error, and monitor cook times or dish ingredients.

User Mobile App (Android & iOS)

A neat, easy to use app was the next thing to build this integrated management system. The user app got an incredible response from the users for the user-friendly UI and practical features. The user can place, customize, track and receive orders with a few convenient touches.

Rider Mobile App

 The team made a delivery app to smooth up the delivery process. The Rider Mobile App allowed the riders to receive and process home delivery efficiently; at the same time, it also enabled the management to track delivery efficiency.


What sets Tong apart from the flux of restaurant management systems is that the platforms are integrated to offer smooth and automated restaurant management system that reduces costs and, at the same time, it does not break the banks!


  • Order management processing, placing, dispatching and tracking
  • Sales tracking & Cash management
  • Recipe management
  • inventory management
  • Outlet management
  • Employee (inlet and outlet) shift management
  • Product catalog/ outlet, offer/ discount management
  • Customer review & rating
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Affordable, cost-effective and all-inclusive restaurant management solution
  • Optimize expenses to ensure a better return on investment
  • Easy-to-use and feature-rich management solution
  • Hassle-free and customizable solution
  • Manages unlimited outlet.
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