Spring Rain’s Credible Customer Clustering Services That Boost Sales

Spring Rain’s Credible Customer Clustering Services That Boost Sales


Behavior-based target marketing is a proven marketing technique that turbo-boosts sales revenue. But customer behavior is ever-changing, and it’s tricky to analyze them and channel marketing efforts to bring about desirable outcomes. Data-backed customer behavior can offer credible solutions to this problem. It will enable you to predict customer behavior and strategize results-driven marketing.

Usually, market giants employ an entire data team to solve this problem. For many growing businesses, it’s too costly to bear. Spring Rain has developed a customer clustering solution to facilitate pivotal data to influence target marketing strategy for a better return on investment at an affordable price.

Customer Cluster


Developing a solution that converts data into valuable insights is indeed challenging. Spring Rain formed a dedicated team of data professionals, business experts, and developers to create a comprehensive solution combining a portal and service model that sells. The major challenges the team faced are:

Industry-specific service

Datapoint relevancy varies from industry to industry; there is no one-size-fits-all. Without prior extensive industry knowledge, it’s challenging to bring forth credible insight.

Managing unstructured data

Not every organization can provide structured data. Delivering key data points out of numerous unstructured data is indeed challenging.

Big Data challenge

Managing forever-growing big data requires expertise and the right tools and techniques. It’s not easy to mix the ingredients without specialized and experienced data experts.

Cloud service maintenance 

Usually, big data is stored in cloud services and other sources, so it requires collecting, storing, structuring, and maintaining data from multiple sources.


The Solution

Spring Rain’s team adopted a tailored RFM model to develop credible customer clustering solutions to analyze strategic data points of businesses and visualize all the crucial data that is crucial for decision making.

The valuable insights are directed to your monitor via a live dashboard that visualizes data generated by a project-based virtual data team.

Spring Rain’s team is equipped with all the data structuring and clustering expertise to take the challenge to offer insights essential to meet your marketing goals. The team relies heavily on extensive research and industry insights to provide crucial insights and is highly experienced in handling any big data effortlessly regardless of industry.



  • Dedicated portal and UI
  • 24/7 live dashboard
  • Data export feature
  • Visualization sharing
  • Customer data integrated advanced filter and search option
  • Predictive customer clustering


  • Cost-effective customer clustering solution
  • Customer scenario visualization at a glance
  • Functions as a virtual data team
  • Tailored data models
  • Extensive data security with industry-leading data management ethics
  • Serves most industries with best-in-class industry insights
  • Predictive data modeling
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