Spring Rain’s Shopify App Made Quora Ad Tracking Simpler!

Spring Rain’s Shopify App Made Quora Ad Tracking Simpler!


Along with its range of products and services, Spring Rain diversified into building Shopify apps that solve unique business needs. Social media advertising is quintessential for Shopify merchants to get more customers, and Quora is among the major platforms many merchants rely on to achieve more conversion. Quora Pixel is an app that allows event tracking of customer’s activity on the shop generated by Quora Ads and facilitates vital data to help merchants to channel target ads and ensure the best return on advertising ROI.

But installing and using Quora Pixel requires technical knowledge that many Shopify merchants are not aware of. To make Shopify merchant’s life easier, Spring Rain decided to build an app to enable them to install Quora Pixel effortlessly. At the same time, track customers and facilitate data to tailor cost-effective marketing efforts to help them clasp more customers and reach their business goals.

How Does the App Work?

SAPP Quora Pixel app enables Shopify merchants to install Quora Pixel and track all conversion events (Page Load, Search, Add to Cart, etc.) for Quora ads. The tracking involves the customer’s entire journey including all events from ad clicks to checkout and facilitates merchants with pivotal data to target customers and helps them to tailor the ads.

Key Features

  • Generic Tracking: Allows merchants to track all the essential events.
  • Custom Tracking: Facilitates merchants with customized tracking of events crucial to their business needs.
  • Easy Switching: Allow merchants to enable or disable Quora Pixel without uninstalling the app.



Here are some key benefits that SAPP Quora Pixel app can bring to Shopify merchants:

Easy to Use

Quora ad tracking is made easy with SAPP Quora Pixel app. Now anyone can install and use this tracking app without prior technical knowledge and use it effortlessly.

One-Click Install

With Just a simple copy and paste of the Quora pixel script, the app installs in one click.

Tailored Events Tracking

As per SEO expert suggestions, track the strategic events only to get optimum results against the efforts.

Refine Ads

If the merchant does the customer activity tracking properly, it will enable them to refine ads to gain more customers and convert more.

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